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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
Werner Koch654 (58.71%)112367322402012-09-192018-10-162218 days, 5:01:393211
Justus Winter146 (13.11%)835616122015-12-072017-08-10612 days, 0:23:20482
Neal H. Walfield77 (6.91%)19897312015-06-072017-07-24778 days, 2:26:39393
Marcus Brinkmann56 (5.03%)2357824842017-04-032017-08-08126 days, 16:21:12164
Kai Michaelis50 (4.49%)13866692017-04-052017-08-03120 days, 3:05:08105
Robert J. Hansen32 (2.87%)5164752015-08-272018-02-12899 days, 20:46:00156
Ben McGinnes30 (2.69%)354614372017-12-232018-07-10198 days, 20:59:58137
Andre Heinecke25 (2.24%)3312002014-12-192018-10-181398 days, 14:27:55178
Sam Tuke23 (2.06%)28879092013-11-122014-02-0686 days, 1:23:24129
NIIBE Yutaka14 (1.26%)27805882015-08-312017-07-25694 days, 7:51:26810
Peter Lebbing2 (0.18%)10102016-04-282016-04-280:06:56111
Nicole Faerber1 (0.09%)16162017-06-282017-06-280:00:00112
Neal Walfield1 (0.09%)21202017-01-162017-01-160:00:00113
Matthias Apitz1 (0.09%)49202017-10-052017-10-050:00:00114
Guilhem Moulin1 (0.09%)2580242017-05-192017-05-190:00:00115
Christian Grothoff1 (0.09%)6063162013-11-112013-11-110:00:00116

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Author of Month

MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2018-10Werner Koch5 (71.43% of 7)Andre Heinecke2
2018-09Werner Koch1 (100.00% of 1)1
2018-08Andre Heinecke2 (66.67% of 3)Werner Koch2
2018-07Werner Koch5 (83.33% of 6)Ben McGinnes2
2018-06Werner Koch21 (67.74% of 31)Andre Heinecke, Ben McGinnes3
2018-05Werner Koch5 (71.43% of 7)Ben McGinnes, Andre Heinecke3
2018-04Werner Koch11 (68.75% of 16)Andre Heinecke2
2018-03Ben McGinnes6 (85.71% of 7)Werner Koch2
2018-02Ben McGinnes14 (73.68% of 19)Werner Koch, Robert J. Hansen3
2018-01Werner Koch9 (69.23% of 13)Robert J. Hansen, Ben McGinnes, Andre Heinecke4
2017-12Werner Koch13 (61.90% of 21)Ben McGinnes, Andre Heinecke, Robert J. Hansen4
2017-11Werner Koch19 (82.61% of 23)Robert J. Hansen, Andre Heinecke3
2017-10Robert J. Hansen8 (57.14% of 14)Werner Koch, Matthias Apitz3
2017-09Werner Koch19 (100.00% of 19)1
2017-08Werner Koch13 (72.22% of 18)Justus Winter, Marcus Brinkmann, Kai Michaelis4
2017-07Werner Koch12 (38.71% of 31)Neal H. Walfield, Justus Winter, Marcus Brinkmann, NIIBE Yutaka5
2017-06Neal H. Walfield33 (40.74% of 81)Werner Koch, Justus Winter, Kai Michaelis, Marcus Brinkmann, Nicole Faerber7
2017-05Werner Koch75 (29.18% of 257)Justus Winter, Marcus Brinkmann, Kai Michaelis, Neal H. Walfield, NIIBE Yutaka7
2017-04Werner Koch11 (55.00% of 20)Justus Winter, Marcus Brinkmann, Neal H. Walfield, Kai Michaelis5
2017-03Werner Koch39 (79.59% of 49)Justus Winter2
2017-02Justus Winter4 (66.67% of 6)Werner Koch2
2017-01Justus Winter25 (71.43% of 35)Werner Koch, Neal Walfield3
2016-12Werner Koch9 (64.29% of 14)Justus Winter2
2016-11Werner Koch7 (100.00% of 7)1
2016-10Werner Koch8 (66.67% of 12)Justus Winter, Andre Heinecke3
2016-09Werner Koch12 (75.00% of 16)Neal H. Walfield, Justus Winter3
2016-08Werner Koch18 (94.74% of 19)Justus Winter2
2016-07Werner Koch6 (66.67% of 9)Justus Winter2
2016-06Werner Koch11 (100.00% of 11)1
2016-05Werner Koch14 (87.50% of 16)Robert J. Hansen, Justus Winter3
2016-04Werner Koch10 (71.43% of 14)Peter Lebbing, Justus Winter3
2016-03Justus Winter4 (50.00% of 8)Werner Koch, Neal H. Walfield3
2016-02Werner Koch5 (55.56% of 9)Robert J. Hansen, Justus Winter3
2016-01Werner Koch9 (100.00% of 9)1
2015-12Werner Koch17 (80.95% of 21)Justus Winter, Robert J. Hansen, Neal H. Walfield4
2015-11Neal H. Walfield7 (53.85% of 13)Werner Koch2
2015-10Werner Koch5 (100.00% of 5)1
2015-09Werner Koch3 (42.86% of 7)Robert J. Hansen, Neal H. Walfield3
2015-08Robert J. Hansen12 (66.67% of 18)Werner Koch, NIIBE Yutaka3
2015-07Werner Koch3 (100.00% of 3)1
2015-06Werner Koch5 (83.33% of 6)Neal H. Walfield2
2015-05Werner Koch14 (100.00% of 14)1
2015-04Werner Koch7 (100.00% of 7)1
2015-03Werner Koch12 (100.00% of 12)1
2015-02Werner Koch8 (100.00% of 8)1
2015-01Werner Koch11 (100.00% of 11)1
2014-12Werner Koch15 (93.75% of 16)Andre Heinecke2
2014-11Werner Koch11 (100.00% of 11)1
2014-10Werner Koch14 (100.00% of 14)1
2014-09Werner Koch10 (100.00% of 10)1
2014-08Werner Koch8 (100.00% of 8)1
2014-06Werner Koch4 (100.00% of 4)1
2014-05Werner Koch5 (100.00% of 5)1
2014-04Werner Koch7 (100.00% of 7)1
2014-03Werner Koch1 (100.00% of 1)1
2014-02Werner Koch7 (70.00% of 10)Sam Tuke2
2014-01Sam Tuke3 (100.00% of 3)1
2013-12Werner Koch18 (54.55% of 33)Sam Tuke2
2013-11Werner Koch13 (81.25% of 16)Sam Tuke, Christian Grothoff3
2013-10Werner Koch4 (100.00% of 4)1
2013-09Werner Koch2 (100.00% of 2)1
2013-08Werner Koch15 (100.00% of 15)1
2012-09Werner Koch2 (100.00% of 2)1

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2018Werner Koch63 (57.27% of 110)Ben McGinnes, Andre Heinecke, Robert J. Hansen4
2017Werner Koch247 (43.03% of 574)Justus Winter, Neal H. Walfield, Marcus Brinkmann, Kai Michaelis, NIIBE Yutaka13
2016Werner Koch112 (77.78% of 144)Justus Winter, Neal H. Walfield, Robert J. Hansen, Peter Lebbing, Andre Heinecke6
2015Werner Koch96 (76.80% of 125)Robert J. Hansen, Neal H. Walfield, Justus Winter, NIIBE Yutaka5
2014Werner Koch82 (92.13% of 89)Sam Tuke, Andre Heinecke3
2013Werner Koch52 (74.29% of 70)Sam Tuke, Christian Grothoff3
2012Werner Koch2 (100.00% of 2)1

Commits by Domains

DomainsTotal (%)
gnupg.org715 (64.18%)
g10code.com136 (12.21%)
gnu.org76 (6.82%)
ruhr-uni-bochum.de56 (5.03%)
sixdemonbag.org32 (2.87%)
adversary.org30 (2.69%)
intevation.de25 (2.24%)
owncloud.com23 (2.06%)
fsij.org14 (1.26%)
digitalbrains.com2 (0.18%)
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